Guide IR Ranks Top 2 in Yole Report as Global Infrared Thermal Imaging Market Explodes

Yole Développement, the internationally renowned market survey and strategic consulting firm, has launched its latest industry analysis entitled Thermal Imagers and Detectors 2020 – COVID-19 Outbreak Impact – Preliminary Report. The report reveals that in 2020, the global infrared thermal imaging market exploded. Regarding shipments, U.S. company FLIR ranks first with a market share of 35%, with Guide Infrared ranking second with a market share of 17%. For the first time a Chinese manufacturer has landed in the top two, becoming the largest of its kind in China with the highest market share.


The outstanding performance in 2020 is due to Guide Infrared mastering its own intellectual property rights for infrared detectors, which boast the advantages of low cost and batch production, allowing the products to maintain excellent performance favored by customers in the global market.


After the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, the Automated Guide IR Fever Warning System was widely used in China, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America, among other places, because of its advantages in large-range temperature screening, accurate measurement, and intelligence and high efficiency, creating a first line of security for global epidemic prevention and control.


At the same time, Guide Infrared has a complete infrared thermal imaging system composed of handheld thermal cameras, online thermal imaging systems, thermal imaging scopes for night observation, consumer-grade thermal cameras for smartphone, UAV photoelectric load and infrared thermal modules.


Yole Développement has also predicted that by 2025, China will occupy a market share of 64% in the global thermal infrared imaging market. In the coming years, Guide Infrared will continue to focus on infrared technology giving it the capability to bring the benefits of its products to a wider range of people in the general public.